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Academic Programs

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies draws on the resources of multiple departments and programs at the University, including: Anthropology, Art History, Comparative Literature, Economics, Geography, History, Journalism and Media Studies, Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology and Women's Studies. In addition to core courses in the Asian Studies curriculum the center advocates for the teaching of Asian languages and content courses throughout the university.

Asian language options include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Tagalog, but also may be satisfied by Vietnamese, Indonesian, Polynesian, Hawaiian and other languages of Asia.

Non-majors who wish to increase their knowledge about Asia will find many courses available that also fulfill the General Education Requirements.

  • Major in Asian Studies with the B.A. degree in liberal arts and sciences
  • Asian Studies B.A. with emphasis in Chinese studies or Chinese language (CSL)
  • Minor in Asian studies
  • Minor in Chinese studies
  • Minor in Japan studies
  • Master of Arts degree in Asian studies - This program is currently unavailable
  • Describe one or more aspects of an Asian society
    The student is able to describe one or more aspects of an Asian society or culture from one or more disciplinary perspectives.

  • Identify region-wide issues and trends
    The student is able to identify region-wide issues and trends.

  • Explain political, economic and cultural relationships among groups in the region
    The student understands political, economic and cultural relationships among the countries and groups in the region.
  • Evaluate U.S. relations with the region
    The student is able to scrutinize the United States' relations with the region's countries and peoples.

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Director, Dr. Sandra Wawrytko
Phone: (619) 594-4428
Email: [email protected]

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