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Center for Asian & Pacific Studies

ArtworkThe Mission of the SDSU Center for Asian and Pacific Studies is

  • to prepare our students to thrive in an environment impacted by globalization by imparting knowledge of and insight on the dynamic Asian societies and cultures at the forefront of change
  • to contribute to ongoing scholarly research on Asia through participation in professional conferences and publications
  • to share our knowledge and expertise on Asia with the broader San Diego Community

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San Diego, poised on the Pacific Rim

Asia is undeniably a major player in the world today—from global economics, politics, and environmentalism to pop culture, philosophy, and the fine arts—representing diverse cultural resources that have endured thousands of years.

The SDSU campus is embedded in a vibrant community with diverse populations, reflected in our student body.

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS) is an interdisciplinary instructional unit of the College of Arts and Letters and an integral part of SDSU’s international studies curriculum. Our curriculum draws on diverse faculty from across the campus to offer innovative and informative classes in the Asian thought and culture encompassing art, communication, film studies, environmental issues, history, literature, philosophy, political science, religious studies, women’s studies, as well as Asian-American experiences.

Students are invited to immerse themselves in new perspectives, values, strategies, and life experiences through key offerings in the Asia Pacific region, including such themes as the traditional roots of K-pop, anime, and contemporary arts; deep insights from Buddhism, Daosim, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto; unexpected leadership model and entrepreneurial enterprises; social roles and relationships.

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Language Courses

  • CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese I
  • CHIN 201: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 301: Advanced Chinese I
  • CHIN 433: News Media Chinese
  • FILIP 101: Elementary Filipino I
  • JAPAN 111: Elementary Japanese I
  • JAPAN 211: Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPAN 311: 3rd Year Japanese I
  • JAPAN 321: Adv. Japanese Discourse
  • JAPAN 411: 4th Year Japanese I
  • JAPAN 421: Japan Literature Through Text and Film
  • KOR 102: Elementary Korean II
  • KOR 202: Intermediate Korean II
  • KOR 302: Advanced Korean II
  • KOR 430: Contemporary Korean Culture in Media

Other Courses

  • ASIAN 100: State & Society Asia Pacific
  • ASIAN 101: Asian Thought and Cultures
  • ASIAN 103: Philippine Studies
  • ASIAN 422/HIST 422 Asian: American Experiences
  • ASIAN 430/KOR 430: Contemporary Korean Culture through Media
  • ASIAN 458: Asian Traditions
  • PHIL 353: Buddhist Philosophy
  • PHIL 565/REL S 581: Hindu Philosophy
  • POL S 365: Chinese Politics
  • REL S 315: Yoga Theory and Practice
  • REL S 338: Buddhism

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